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Privacy Waiver

In this declaration, “FundMe Limited”, “we” or “us” means FundMe Limited, and its related entities, successors, assigns, agents and associates, and “you” means the person completing this application, each person named in this application, each guarantor of any loan made to you and any authorized person or beneficial owner of the borrower or any guarantor of any loan made to you (as applicable).

  • FundMe Limited is collecting information about you in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and our Privacy Statement, and we may not be able to provide you with products or services if you do not provide that information.

  • That information may be used by us:

    • to consider this application for an account or service, including to establish and verify your identity and to assess your creditworthiness and financial position from time time

    •   to consider any future application for products or services which involves you.

  • We can also use it:

    • to administer and monitor products or services provided to you

    • to comply with legal and regulatory requirements (including identity verification requirements)

    • to provide you with information about other products or services, including those of selected third parties

    • generally, to develop and run our business; and 

    • as otherwise described in our Privacy Statement.

    • You agree that - for those purposes – we can provide information about you to, and obtain information about you from, other organizations or people we consider appropriate. Those organizations might include our service providers, other financial and insurance institutions, government departments, your employer or accountant, third parties for the purposes of fraud prevention, identity verification, and any other purposes relevant to those purposes (those third parties may retain information and use it for identity verification and fraud detection purposes), and other appropriate persons.

  • We may also exchange information about you (including default information) with credit reporting agencies on an ongoing basis. Those agencies may retain that information and provide it to other customers who use their credit reporting services.

  • You have rights to access and request correction of your personal information under the Privacy Act 2020. You can do so by contacting us by email on

  • By proceeding, you confirm that:

    • each person named in this application form has read and agrees to the terms above and our Privacy Statement;

    • all information provided to us is correct, complete and not misleading; and

    • each person named on this application form agrees to our ID verification process

    • none of those people is an un-discharged bankrupt.

Thanks for submitting!

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